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Established as a counterpart, The Tales Customs stands as a boutique workshop located in Sydney, specializing in the creation of high-end custom Land Rover Defenders. With a dedicated and passionate following, our brand has evolved into a complete lifestyle experience, now extending to an exclusive clothing line.

The Tales represents a premium yet approachable unisex brand, aligning with the same principles as its counterpart—to narrate stories, explore the world, and express creative freedom.

This distinctive brand combines contemporary workwear silhouettes with intricate feminine embroidery and appliqué, complemented by whimsical illustrations. Each print is a one-of-a-kind creation, drawing inspiration from diverse moments and memories gathered during global travels. It weaves together an eclectic narrative, drawing from Mexican rug embroidery, prints found in old curtains adorning an Italian palazzo, or the serene drives through the British countryside.